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Why Choose The Decluttering Dr?

‘Tried this service myself, and it’s amazing how decluttering has such a liberating impact on the way you feel about your home, and your possessions, and now realise how much unnecessary stuff we hold on to. Highly recommend The Decluttering Dr.’

J. Evans Via Facebook

‘Kate is simply awesome! We had a garage with years of junk piled up in it, and didn’t know where to start from. She came in, sorted out what can be reused, recycled, or thrown out, took everything that needs dumping to the skip herself, and helped massively in tidying up our garage efficiently and neatly. Hassle-free and friendly decluttering service! Cannot thank her enough!’

N. El-Gohary Via Facebook

‘If like me you’re struggling knowing where or how to begin decluttering your home, I’d definitely recommend getting Kate round. Rearing my head after the toddler days left me looking round to a landscape of clutter. It was so daunting – especially the paperwork. Kate is hands on, she’s speedy, she’s efficient, she’s knowledgeable, she’s friendly and she’s discreet plus she’s helped me catch the de-cluttering bug. I love it. With much less stuff around the place it leaves your head free of chaos as well as the hallways. Kate is great! I’d definitely recommend giving her a call.’

SarahB-2339 Via Yell

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