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As a professional home organiser, I help bring a sense of peace to your home.

Together, we will clear out and organise your home, and remove the clutter that is preventing you from living the life you envisioned.

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My Journey As an Expert Home Organiser

Until a few years ago, my home was also messy and very disorganised. With my busy professional life as a doctor in Bristol and then having four children, this meant our life was full to the brim. Then, a friend introduced me to the world of decluttering and I haven’t been able to stop!

With six of us at home, it took me six months and 250 huge black bin bags before I had transformed my home. The experience completely changed my life and how we live as a family. Before the declutter, our home was chaotic, messy and overflowing. One friend had even confided in me that visits to our house used to stress her out. By removing all of our excess possessions and only keeping what we use and love, life is so much simpler. I no longer feel overwhelmed by a house full of unnecessary clutter. Furthermore, I also have more time and energy as a result.

As a decluttering convert, there is still an ongoing challenge. With six of us under one roof, I consciously remove unnecessary items from the house each week to stay on top of things. Most weeks involve taking a bag or two to our local charity shop. Because decluttering had such a profound impact on me and my family, I decided to share this liberating experience with others in their own homes. I want others to have a home that enables them to flourish.

Being able to help others shed the burden of material possessions and see the joy that it can bring is my greatest motivation.

My Services

I charge an hourly rate of £40. My decluttering services include:

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‘A lifetime’s worth of paperwork condensed to a handful of necessary documents, fitting into a small file. We also tackled over 30 years’ worth of photographs, keeping all the precious memories in a few compact albums. Kate also decluttered the rest of the house, making it easier to clean.’

JessH-77 Via Yell

‘Kate helped me tackle a task I’d been avoiding! Not only is my room decluttered, she is fast but sensible in her approach and somehow her magic makes you enthusiastic about a process that is usually like pulling teeth. My room was also rearranged together once we decluttered and now I feel like it’s a brand new space!!’

ChristiL Via Yell

‘I can thoroughly recommend this decluttering service. Kate is happy to take on small or large projects and really helped me focus on what is important. She works efficiently and sensitively, achieving such a lot in a small amount of time. Kate was able to look at my possessions objectively and enabled me to assess them with fresh eyes. She is keen to recycle and support charities rather than landfill. Kate also suggested creative ideas to use and celebrate the things I wanted to keep, she was keen to help me preserve memories rather than clutter. This not only means a tidier home but also less to clean and more free time to enjoy! Do read Kate’s website.’

LindaE-58 Via Yell

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