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Travel Light

Pack less, travel light and declutter, for a less stressful holiday.

We’ve all been there, packing for the family holiday, it’s overwhelming! With four children I used to hate the idea of packing, unpacking and the huge amount of stuff we ‘needed’. I once tried to ban all holidays, but that’s another story!

Over the years I have developed some tricks to help me declutter my home, pack for a holiday and travel light all in one go. When we fly each of us take only hand luggage, no more waiting at the carousel. When we drive to France, we take 2 bags, making sure we leave plenty of space for wine on the return journey!

Tip #1. Pack it, use it, leave it. This is my favourite and best tip. It means you declutter your home and come back with less, or have space to bring back that sombrero! The idea is you take something out that you will leave behind, clothes, toys, books etc. If I notice an item of clothing is coming to the end of its life, I stash it away on the bottom shelf of my son’s wardrobe. Then when I pack for the holiday, I have a stash of clothes that we take and then leave in the recycling box and the end of the holiday, (we usually stay in an air b n b, if you are in a hotel, ask them re: recycling). It works well with pyjamas, underwear and clothes for the kids to run around the garden in on a hot day. Take a book you know you won’t want to keep and leave it on the shelf for the next person. Pack it, read it, leave it. With toys I choose a few things that I know they could donate and leave them in the toy box for the next children. Also take out those annoying half used activity books.

Tip #2. Wash. This enables me to take out only 2 outfits for a hot holiday. Wear one outfit, pack two and throw in a pair of jeans, warm jumper and rain coat! If you are staying in a hotel, hand wash in the sink and pack light weight fabrics to reduce the drying time.

Tip #3. Colour co-ordinated separates. Choose colour co-ordinated pieces that can all be mixed and matched, to give a wide range of different outfits. For example, three tops and three bottoms give you nine different outfits.

Tip #4. Once you have packed, go through and ask yourself if you really need each item. And remember; leopard print flats go with everything!

I hope these tips help. Who doesn’t want to use a holiday as an excuse to declutter?

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