Decluttering Myths

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Decluttering Clarified

So many people I meet have little to no idea about what decluttering is. I thought some clarity and explanations would help.

  • Decluttering, the act of removing possessions from your home. When I started my decluttering process, my mother-in-law came to stay and kept walking around in bewilderment asking, “Where have you put all your stuff?” I kept telling her that I had gotten rid of it, but it took her several months to understand that I literally meant, we no longer owned it.
  • It’s not just organising. Organising your possessions is a part of the process, but the first step is to de-own. It’s all about getting rid of it. Reducing what you own, so organising it is easy.
  • It’s not about buying storage. So many people think decluttering is about finding the right storage. It’s not! I rarely encourage people to buy storage. First you get rid of your things. Then you see what’s left. Usually, a client already has enough storage, it’s just they have too much stuff! When I decluttered, I actually sold several items of furniture, as I no longer needed the extra storage.
  • Decluttering takes too much time. People think they don’t have the time to declutter. Maybe you do, you just haven’t realised it yet. The number of hours you spend cleaning, organising, looking for lost items, tidying your home, worrying about your clutter, could better be utilised by getting rid of your stuff. Less stuff, less tidying, less cleaning, less overwhelm.

Decluttering is about more time for living. 

My wish is that everyone could live with less! Before I decluttered, I had a sofa strategically placed to hide the children’s play kitchen. There was so much mess all around it, I could never tidy it all, so I hid it! When I decluttered, I got rid of a lot of the toys and sold the sofa. Win win!

I want you to unwind and relax in your home rather than find it an additional source of stress!

Decluttering could well change your life. Call me to book in a decluttering session today!

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