Those ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ Items

blue moon

A client asked me “what do you do with those once in a blue moon items like sushi mats, as occasionally that blue moon comes?”

This is a tricky one and person and space specific.

Questions I would ask about the object;

  • Could you use something else for the same purpose?
  • How often do you use it? (Be honest!)
  • Do you have the space to store it?

Consider these ideas;

  • Loan it to a friend long term who loves to make sushi, on the proviso you can borrow it every now and again. (But agree with each other that if it breaks, that’s life). 
  • If you do decide to keep it, ensure you have ample storage space to access it easily. 
  • Could you borrow the same item from a friend?

I decided to get rid of two chocolate fondue sets I was given as gifts. I do occasionally make chocolate fondue, but I have found melting the chocolate in a bowl works just as well as a ‘proper’ set.

I also have a fine bone china tea set that I use once a year.  When I did my initial declutter I gave it back to my mother-in-law, (it had belonged to her aunt). But once I had finished, I found I had an empty shelf in the kitchen and decided that I would love to have the tea set back. 

I hope these ideas help! Let me know your thoughts on ‘blue moon items’. 

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