Where Do You Start?

messy closet

“Where do you start?”

A common question I often get asked!

Here are three easy steps to start decluttering.

I personally don’t think there is a right or a wrong way to declutter, just that some methods are simpler than others! The key driver is your mindset, but more on that another time. 

Here are three easy steps to get you started, followed by an example of what it might look like. 

  1. Pick something that is NOT sentimental to you.
  2. Chose a small defined area.
  3. Place like with like.

So, you could start with your linen cupboard e.g., your sheets and towels. 

Hopefully, you are not sentimental about sheets! Picking a non-sentimental area to start with gives you an opportunity to practice and hone your decluttering skills before you start on the hard stuff!

A small defined area. Your linen is probably kept in a cupboard or drawer, ‘small and defined’.

Place all the same items together, so make piles of double sheets, single sheets etc. If you have complete sets, place all those items part of the set together. This will allow you to see how many of each you have, so that you can make an informed decision about what to keep. Keep those you need and like and ditch[1] the rest. My personal choice is two sets of bedding per bed.

Be tough on yourself as you’re deciding and question when you last used each item and under what circumstances.  The task should take you 10-20 minutes to complete. Now you have achieved a set goal and given yourself some decluttering momentum to start another area another day. 

It really is that simple. 

The main thing is that you come away feeling a sense of achievement and positivity towards decluttering. 

Happy decluttering everyone. 

Get in touch with me for more in-depth advice and to book an appointment. 

As ever ask me any questions at kate@declutteringdr.com. 

[1] Please recycle fabrics. Many councils accept a bag of linens with your weekly household recycling. Some charity shops also accept linen for scrap to be made into insulation. Call ahead to check. Make sure they are clean before donating.

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