Your Mindset & Decluttering

messy living room

Your dream home is all about mindset.

Our problem with cluttered homes isn’t due to lack of knowledge from a book or guide, it’s due to us not yet having committed to change.

I know what it’s like to be where you are now. When I was working full time as a doctor, (often 12 days in a row, with four 13 hour shifts in the middle), I lived in chaos. I would look at our home and think ‘how do we live like this?’ I was too exhausted to tackle the mess and so consciously decided I was just going to live with chaos my whole life. When children were thrown into the mix, it got even worse. Babysitters would frequently fall over toys strewn across the floor, whilst trying to get to a crying baby in a dark room. Sorry Laura!

I wasn’t ready to change.

Are you ready?

What do you want your home to look like? What do you want your life to look like?

When I decluttered and organised our home, (6 months and 250 blacks sacks later), I didn’t feel overwhelmed anymore! Life was better, I had more energy and time to live my life. Coming home was a joy and now it’s my favourite place to be.

How do you feel when you look around your home? Are you happy with it as it is, or deep down would you like things to be different?

I could give you a whole host of tips (or plasters), to help you tackle a little bit here and a little bit there. But that will never solve the problem, until you decide you want things to be different. I recently worked with a lovely client, whose home was full of clothes. She had so many clothes that her two girls had to share a room, as she used a bedroom to ‘store’ many of her clothes, (plus everywhere else). I couldn’t open the door to the spare room more than a foot, it was so full of clothing! I helped her and together we removed 75 sacks of clothing and rubbish. However, I couldn’t help her solve the problem permanently, until she wanted to change and live differently.

Where are you on the cycle of change? *

  • Precontemplation; you don’t feel you have a problem.
  • Contemplation; you are aware you have a problem and need to change.
  • Preparation; setting goals to overcome the problem.
  • Action; actively working towards your goals.
  • Maintenance; new behaviours have become habits.
  • Relapse; falling back into old ways.

Where are you in this cycle of change?

Are you happy enough to live in your home the way it is now, or do you want real and lasting change?

Ready to change? Call me now to talk through how I can help you achieve the home you long for.

*Adapted from Prochaska and DiClemente’s (1983) Stages of Change Model.

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